depressed is not the same as sad
depressed is not the same as sad emotions stories

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the difference between being sad and being depressed, told by someone in treatment for depression

depressed is not the same as sad

by milenamacuglia

sadness is a emotion, considered so because of its temporary nature

depression is a state of humor, characterized so by its persistence

when you feel sad, you usually know the reason

and you know it will go away, you just have to feel it

depression is different

it comes and goes in waves, you don't have to be sad all the time

its a feel of going numb, empty

like nothing else matters or makes sense

and the worst part is that you don't know why

you don't know why is happening now, with you, why is happening at all

but that is okay

it may seem so cliche, but its okay not to be okay, not understand what is happening inside your head, your mind, your heart

the only thing you have to know is that someone loves you, someone is worried about you, that you are not alone, that you matter

because there will be dark days

days that you will feel like you are absolutely alone, in every way, days that nothing will make sense

I can't confort you but I can try

because I have been there, at the bottom, and at my worst, nothing, not even my friends, family, college, everything I love stopped me from considering to end this pain

everything I had was this immense pain and nothing helped

what stopped me was the fact that I was never alone, because even if I didn't know it at the time, I was so loved, and they were so worried about me

I am not cured, I don't think I will ever be

but now I can manage this pain, for my brother who even being so young, was the most understanding, for my dear friend who never gave up on me

I just hope that you find your strength

fight this and nothing else will take you down

I am proud of you, even for your simplest effort

it's so hard, but you are so strong for trying until now, believe in yourself, let it be an act of rebellion against depression, don't let it end you

have hope, even when it seems impossible

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