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milealaura Community member
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Don`t try to wax both your armpits on the same time!

Wax User- LV Laura

A beautiful day , sunny warm and nice. And i look in my mirror all cocky and the mirror is like: Girl u better stop before i break myself!

- Shut up! i know that i`m doing. I waxed my mustache and my brows yesterday, it was fineee. I`m getting the hot wax ready to put it on my armpit. I check the temperature and i put it on fast( YES , it was hot).

- See ? i`m like a beauty guru. It was not that biggg of a deal. And to think people pay to get this done. Pfff. I can do that too , and for free.

Seeing how easy it was to apply it , i ( FOR SOME MISTERIOUS REASON) decide that it will be a nice idea to apply it on both my armpits.

I carefully put on the wax, trying to cover ALL the armpit ( YEP). At this point my mirror practiclly slaps herself: -Girl, if i had legs i would have leaved loong time ago!

I ignore it and finish applying all the wax. And i look in the mirror and i see myself with my arms in the air and exe.error.

I see it was a BIG mistake , because i cannot take it off and the wax is not getting hard, is still gummy and sticky. -Why? Why?!

My brain starts shutting down and restarting. And few moments later... My brain finished the restart and im panicking of what i did and im trying to find a solution to this mistake.

I try to take the wax off my right armpit but the left got stuck and i try on the left one but the right one gets stuck, and i try again and again,and again, and again. But the gummy texture is hard to take off and it`s stuck on my armpits.

At this point my arms start hurting for keeping them up, i move around the room and i decide to read what does it say on the wax container and freacking surprise: ONE USE ONLY!

Flashback of yesterday come in my mind of me waxing off my mustache and my brows.

In my brain the neurons are like: - Should we restart again? ...or shut down?

- Noooo! What have i done?! The reality of the situation gets to me. And i fell on the floor with my arms up and the wax stuck to my armpits.

I get old, years pass, and a older woman steps in the room, it takes her a day and a night to reach me. She gets on her knees and puts her rusty arm up and slaps the young out off me and we go back to normal.

It`s my mom. I stare at her with my eyes wet and my arms up. She looks at my armpits and starts pulling the wax off and scream again.

After she leaves the room, i stare blank at the ceiling , on the floor. I get up and look in the mirror and i see alot of hair and pieces of wax on. - No ....way...

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