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milealaura Community member
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Will some of us really find reasons to live on?


Why do we live like this?

We live on because we try to find a reason. To breath. To blink. To smile. To cry. To dream. To suffer.

To touch the lips of the precious person to you.

The sensation of warmth that the loved one gives.

But what you do when all around you gives you reasons not to live?

What do you do when you get to a point where you stop having satisfaction at work . Everyone stabs everyone on the back.

Acting fake for no reason, because no one will live extra years because of a promotion.

When the loved one is doing nothing but betraying you all over again and lying all the time. You get to a point when the touch of the hands will make you feel nothing. Empty eyes. Empty mouth. Empty words.

You want to talk to somebody but there is no one there. You look around you and everyone is moving on: graduation, college , job, marry someone, having kids.

And you will still be there, alone in a dark room , thinking of reasons to carry on living.

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