Can't You See Me? - Chapter #2
Can't You See Me? - Chapter #2 txt stories

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Yeonjun X M/C - "My dark wings never created positive attention. Many thought I was misplaced in heaven and belonged in hell with the rest of my disastrous family. Yet, the fire within myself burned stronger, the fire for knowledge, the fire for a new beginning, the fire of an unknown fate that had shaken my own realm clouded by darkness."

Can't You See Me? - Chapter #2

"Unbelievable," I mutter to myself.

"Angel Azrael, were my children's deaths all peaceful today?" God greets

Still taken aback by my encounter with Choi Lee Go's grandson, I stop at heavens entrance. God is not a person. Rather much, he is a spirit that overwhelmingly encompasses heaven.

His voice fills its existence, and wherever you are, he is present. But, of course, God still has preferences. He would much rather I speak to him in the cenotaph than my sleeping quarters.

So I float over to the cenotaph and kneel down onto my knees as per-usual the sublime cloud furnishing and jewel-encrusted pillars surrounding myself.

"I encountered a gifted soul today, father," I explain, overlooking the previous question.

"A gifted soul you speak of," God repeats.

"Choi Lee Go's grandson seemed to see myself. Will you allow me to learn more of this soul?" I ask reluctantly, bowing my head down in hopes it'll improve the chances of an answer.

"The child's name is Choi Yeon Jun. You are indeed correct. He is a gifted child. However, his talent does not affect his death or fate if this is what you desire to know," he answers.

Surprised by God's willingness to share such information with myself, I feel a fire ignite within myself. I must know more about this soul, this human.

I never cared much about this obligation as an angel. It was not as if I had a choice, not after the sinful life my past relative lived.

The curse my ancestors had imposed upon me forced me into this role of an angel of death.

It was clear to the angels around me that I did not speak or act of compassion, but I spoke only according to my obligations.

"Azrael, I understand that you are not thankful for your role as an angel; however, you must fulfil your own fate and your own purpose,"

"Apologies, father, the fact you can read thoughts slipped my mind," I respond frantically, bowing my head lower.

"It seems you truly are curious of this child, although I emphasise with your curiosity for this child I mustn't allow you to run away," God continues, his voice remaining soulful and stern.

"I understand," I begin to respond.

"I will, however, offer you a covenant," God continues cutting off my response.

"I will offer you a human form to contact Choi Yeon Jun. This form will allow you to appear as a human and angel at will.

I will still expect you to fulfil your duties as an angel of death; hence you will be able to quench your thirst for knowledge.

It does not come to my surprise that even as an angel with high intelligence, you still yearn to know more," God continues.

A silence falls over the room.

I have been offered a human form. Unfortunately, this type of offer is scarce. Many angels are only offered this form when their past lives or the world's fate is involved.

In addition to this, I must certainly provide something in return.

"Your thoughts are correct, Azrael," God responds to my inner thoughts

"In return,

this covenant means that you are only able to return to the human realm once Choi Yeon Jun has died and you have successfully moved his soul onto heaven or hell respective of his choice,"

This time it seems the silence of the room has become even deeper

"I can not tell you Choi Yeon Jun's fate it will only appear in your logbook as per usual, within 24 hours of his death,"

The terms of this covenant are undoubtedly the strangest I have encountered. It doesn't seem to be entirely risky.

After all, I don't lose my angel form, and most of my time is already spent in the human realm.

"You mustn't be fooled, Azrael, shall you accept this covenant, you must act and live as a human, communicating with myself can only be performed at a completely vacated church,

and you may not return for a lengthy amount of time,"

"Father, the decision is clear to myself," I assert

"I accept your covenant with honor,"

"I can not say I am surprised by your answer, angel Azrael," God chuckles softly from above.

"I will allow you to sleep in your quarters tonight; however, tomorrow evening, you will be moved to the human and realm, and you will be locked out.

So I do encourage you to say goodbye to your brothers and sisters," God finally concludes.

The room shifts slightly signally that God had moved from the cenotaph to observe the others, and I slowly moved towards my sleeping quarters.

Saying goodbye to my 'brothers and sisters' wasn't something I was particularly worried about. In fact, escaping their stares of disgust was something I was looking forward to.

My dark wings never created positive attention. Many thought I was misplaced in heaven and belonged in hell with the rest of my disastrous family.

Yet, the fire within myself burned stronger, the fire for knowledge, the fire for a new beginning, the fire of an unknown fate that had shaken my own realm clouded by darkness.


"I do wish you luck on your endeavour into the human world,"

"Metatron," I turn from my sleeping quarters to find Metatron at my side

Metatron was the polar opposite of myself, an angel of life and guard of the tree of life. His pure white wings were encrusted with green vines and an array of colorful blooming flowers.

Metatron was also one of the kindest angels within the realm, his title of archangel never affecting his pure natured heart.

"Thank you for your wishes," I respond, bowing deeply.

"I know that other people's words may not move your strong opinions much; however, allow me to say that I too believe your fate is shifting, don't forget your duties and covenant.

And while you're inhabiting the human world, try to show a little more kindness than you do here.

But, of course, we all know that you are simply hiding it under those dark wings," Metatron sighs before signaling his wings to take flight.

"Thank you, Metatron," I say once more.

"Take care of yourself and your wings, too," he finally says as I watch him wave in the distance.

This is merely a venture to quench my thirst for knowledge. I should not think of it as anything more. All this cheesy talk of fate will surely mess with my logic.

I should now be thinking about how exactly I will handle a human life and my overbearing duties as an angel of death at the same time...


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