Counting Scars

Counting Scars romance stories

miladylen Len writes. Or tries to.
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I won't forget. I can't forget.

Counting Scars

Ten. The number of days since you’ve been gone.

Nine. The number of nights I’ve cried myself to sleep missing you.

Eight. The number of times I’ve called your phone knowing you won’t answer.

Seven. The number of months before we kissed for the first time.

Six. The number of times you saved my life. The number of times I should have stopped you. (Maybe you’d still be here.)

Five. The number of times you told me you loved me. The number of times I wanted to say it back.

Four. The number of times we’ve said goodbye. Never thinking we’d get another chance.

Three. The number of times you came back to me. Until I started hoping you always would.

Two. The number of people you should have given your life for. (I wasn’t one of them. Darling, don’t you know I wasn’t one of them?)

One. The only person I ever trusted with my heart. You.

(Why wasn’t my heart enough to save you?)

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