My Dying Words
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mil0Hear and be heard. That's all I want.
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I've still been writing my stories and reading yours in this 8 months since my last post. Here's something to share with anyone that wants to read. And thank you for sharing with me.

My Dying Words

Look through me

As I vomit through the mouth

A deep, passionate red

A red I could paint your face in

Only aiming for the ears but I always miss my mark

Look through me

An empty gaze You strategize ways to betray the emotions that I want you to display when I state my dying words

May I try another way? How long before my crippled yo's, hi's, and hey's lay flat on the floor, lost in the exchange.

Look straight through me

A voice not lost but cast away So the sounds I create reach out from such a...

Lonely Island

The last thing I want to do is talk at someone Sometimes I think that It may be to live Is not to speak at all

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