Origin: A Contagion Fan Fiction Part 1
Origin: A Contagion Fan Fiction Part 1 outbreak stories

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Based off of Monochrome's Zombie Panic! Source, Contagion, and Contagion VR: Outbreak. This story introduces in my own version how the outbreak spread. A secret uncovered as it had been buried for millennia. Now discover the first hand the events unfold as the dead begin to rise and eat our world whole.

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Origin: A Contagion Fan Fiction Part 1


By Mike Gomez

Part 1

A stern man wearing tactical gear walked into the room. Behind him was a woman also in tactical gear. They both wore grey Flak Jackets. The room was full of specialists from different fields.

The man approached the front as the lights dimmed, and the room went silent.

"My name is Chris, and this is Emily.

" Chris raised his hand towards Emily as she bowed her head, "We are contracted security specialists and we are the heads of security for this particular operation.

We are the 3rd expedition going in.

Now most of you have many questions," Chris nodded to Emily as she started to the back of the room, "but before that, we will be collecting your NDA's signed prior to entering this room.

" Emily collected all the forms as Chris continues.

"What I am about to say does not leave this operation. Your phones will be left here in a safe-box until the end of the operation." Confusion filled the room.

"This is for our safety, I understand your frustration, you will all be provided equipment for photography, and lines once inside to contact who ever. We are spending a week inside.

You are all renown in your fields of study. We will be disclosing our findings ONLY, once we complete our analysis of our said mission. Once that is done, we will pass it on to Media.

What our other teams have found you will soon familiarize yourself with."

Light from a projector lit up the wall behind Chris. "This dig site has unintentionally uncovered a loose cavern that led into a large opening, since then all mining operations were halted.

What we found..." Pictures of a buried Pyramid made of black stone played through the projector. "Well folks, we found the remains of an ancient civilization.

What you may have already heard was one was found in Mexico. A different team has another division working with locals dedicated to uncovering and analyzing that side.

Why is armed security needed? As I'm sure you are all wondering.

Since uncovering at the beginning of this month, we began experiencing terrorist attacks by group who calls themselves 'The faithful'. We are here to ensure this expedition's safety.

We have also been experiencing accidents within the pyramid."

A gentleman in the front raised his hand, as Chris pointed to him, "Accidents?"

"Yes, Injuries and deaths not caused by the group. And when I say this it will be hard to intake. The pyramid itself has closed itself off from certain pathways.

It is very much alive and will take action to protect itself.

We have had random stone-ways give in to crush one our researchers, We had statues come to life, floors open up and crush survivors, ancient traps are set in place to keep us out.

We have lost a total of 7 folks to this Black stone pyramid. Myself and Emily have not yet set foot inside. And when we approach the site, we will do so with extreme caution."

"So why is this group, "The Faithful" trying to hurt us?"

"They claim some myth or legend about the temple of life. That it will bring about new life, and new death.

What has been found, is that new plant life, or rather ancient plant life that we have never seen, is able to adapt naturally along the springs.

The top of the pyramid has some sort of crystal that emits light to the top of the reflective cavern.

One other thing, we have found a passageway that leads all the way to California and Oregon in a complex tunnel system.

We have built a tram that goes from one end to the California exit, and it was just completed today.

If you feel this is too dangerous, feel free to sit this one out, go home and forget all about this until you read about it in the papers. We do not blame you."

Everyone looked around, no one stood up. Emily smiled, "Alright everyone follow me. Please grab a hard hat to the right of this door behind me. My team will make sure to help you with harnesses.

Some of the areas will require some climbing, but we will be with you every step of the way."

The team exit the conference room that overlooks the mine. A large new tech vehicle awaited them. The logo on the side spelled out Faye Industries in red letters.

The team began to board the shuttle.

"Are you all contracted by Biotec?" the archaeologist asked.

"No, Biotec is owned by Faye industries. We are contracted by Faye industries."

"Hmm, interesting." The archaeologist replied.

Chris began the drive as Emily began informing the team of the 'need to knows'.

"As we go in, we are to help the team already in place, Dr. Brandon is the current lead for the operation ahead of us.

As we explored the Pyramid, we found a chamber with an ancient tree in it surrounded by a luminescent pool of water.

One of the expeditions specialist, Brian White was infected with some sort of parasite that dug through his suit. We have Quarantined the Chamber and White.

So far his symptoms are increased hunger and pale complexion."

The shuttle entered the mine after a blast door opened, with security checking them in. They soon came to a large cavern where the pyramid was very visible.

The team leaned towards the windows to get a glimpse. Astounded by its size, the archeologist asked Emily if the first team was able to get samples for its age.

"We don't know the age of the pyramid, but the materials used are older than 100,000 years."

The black stone of the pyramid glistened in the cavern, light from the top of the pyramid bounced luminescent light across the cavern. Strange plant life grew around the outskirts.

There was excavation equipment that dug out the entrance. Emily turned to the outpost, as Chris parked the shuttle by the outside the pyramid dig site.

Though the pyramid appeared smaller than the Giza pyramid, they would soon see that the majority of the pyramid was under the cavern floor. Hidden with time and buried with its truth.

As the shuttle comes to a halt, teams were moving about the perimeter of the pyramid. Contractors were arranging supply boxes inside the outpost.

The outpost itself quarantined the entrance so that you could only enter from the outpost itself. The outpost encircled the pyramid.

The teams gathered their bags and personal items, and made their way out of the shuttle. Chris grew tense and cracked his neck as he waited for his team to depart.

Emily gave Chris the thumbs up as the team gathered around her. She looked to the them, and pulled out her clipboard containing her notes.

She began to role call the researchers and contractors, to make sure they had sufficient equipment for their studies.

Chris jumped off the shuttle with his bag and began to make his way inside the outpost. A guard outside verified his badge. He began to stretch and looked back to Emily.

He figured this would take a minute or two to get their badges and equipment checked. The guard approved his entry and began to make way to the sleeping quarters to drop of his bag.

As he placed his items in bins provided, he double checked his side arm and ammo. He reloaded his weapon and hostlered unto a hip.

He went back to the entrance of the Outpost and saw the researchers and other contractors making their way through the security checkpoint.

Emily entered last, as the group waited in the main lobby by Chris.

"As you can see, this outpost encircles this pyramid leaving no other way into it except through our quarantine zones.

Now if you'll all follow me we'll get you all to your designated sleeping areas and start your tour." Chris nodded to Emily.

Emily waited for the group to make their way into their sleeping quarters, she bunked in a room across from Chris. She dropped her bags on her bed and sat beside them.

She took a few deep breaths to relax and prepare her for a long contract. She stood to a combat stance and began to punch into the air to get her blood pumping.

She moved her bag to the ground as she pulled out a knife from her pack and set it under her pillow. A habit she picked up from one of her instructors.

Chris knocked at her door, as she joined him in starting the group's tour.

"In the next tier you will see the research rooms and conference centers. We only have one comm tower that links to outside the mine." They walked past the control room.

"On the other side of the control room is the calling booths if you need to make any phone calls, don't forget all called are monitored."

One of the contractors in the control room half saluted towards Chris and Emily. Chris pointed and winked, while Emily gave him a thumbs up.

"That's Howard our comm's guy, if ever you have issues with any communications equipment he can check it out for you, or if you have been denied access to any of the research hubs,

he can also troubleshoot your badges." Emily informed the team.

"He's also got some pretty cool stories if ever you get a chance to talk with him. Funny too." Chris led the group down towards the security turnstile.

"Now please enter one at a time, the turnstile will turn as you are in and you get out.

If more than one person hops in to piggy back the turn still will spin in reverse until only one of you departs the turnstile." He ushered Emily to the turnstile.

Emily scanned her badge, as the turnstile began spin. "Please enter the turnstile" the automated voice said aloud. She entered in as it continued to spin.

"If your badge does not scan properly or there is an error with your access, the doors will automatically return you here.

So be sure to scan your badge and hold it to the scanner for a good second." Chris held out and motioned the scan. "Oh and before I forget. Do not loan your badges to anyone.

If you are caught using someone else's badge you will be set on quarantine until ejection from contract.

If you forget your badge inside, Howard will happily ask one of the lead researchers to locate it and drop it into a security chute."

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