A FATHER NOT A DAD. By. Mikel Ringley

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A boy that became a father to a man that became a dad.

A FATHER NOT A DAD. By. Mikel Ringley

Time taken for granted by a father not a Dad,

when I changed your diaper I never thought it'd be my last.

First steps, using the potty, your first tooth to fall out, bithdays, Christmas morning, field trips, boy scouts.

First day of school, school pictures, donuts with Dad,

I swore to myself I'd be the man I never had.

Your passions, your crushes, parent teacher conferences, school clothes, new shoes, your accomplishments.

New toys, new games, pictures you have drawn,

watching movies, being crazy, eating junk food (dont tell mom).

The many "I love you Dads" that you would have said,

the cuddles, the kisses, tucking you in bed.

Endless bedtime stories until you fall asleep,

that sweet begging voice saying "Daddy rub my feet."

A fathers selfish actions not thinking of your heart,

precious memories we should of shared left in the dark.

I never stopped to think it would be this hard,

to mend a broken relationship that was effortlessly made afar.

But when you told me "Daddy I cry at times cause I miss you"

I felt it deep in my being I knew the causing issue.

I know when you're thinking of me, because I feel it deep inside,

the heartache of being away from you I can't help but cry.

You're the sustenance in my life you're what feeds my soul,

you are daddy's heart and what makes me whole.

A father I was, now a dad that you need,

forever showing you true love from a Dad that came to see.

Being a father is cool but realizing the precious gift of being a DAD is beyond beautiful. So the time I got when were together is all about you and what we can do now and forever.


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