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mikedylanlanier Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
This is a poem about a girl I'm trying to get over and its been forever


Lets take things back to when we first met

How I'd trip and fall over everything you said

And you failed to see me for what you mean to me

Insentient words paired with unfelt emotions

It reeled me in and kept you out

I've put you on a pedestal for what seems like forever

While you have long since replaced me with what you think is better

And you are none the wiser of what you mean to me

Fading importance traded constantly for conversation

I love you even more and you are right where you were

I've been drowning in my sea of grief frequently

When I have slipped your mind completely

It feels like you'll never know what you mean to me

The need to progress and your forgotten feelings

This is the beginning of me and the end of you

I've put you on a pedestal for the very last while

You have neglected my emotions and cared nowise

I know now that you'll never know what you meant to me.

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