Wandering Troubadour

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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I must travel this path alone....

Wandering Troubadour

Wandering Troubadour By: Mike Mezz

Walking on the highway in a driving rain My hat soaking wet dripping from the bill My feet sloshing water ignoring all the pain Cars racing by splashing water on my will

I had to keep walking on this endless highway Hoping my guitar case would keep the wet out Maybe I'll know where I'm going someday I keep on moving as the lightning strikes down

Rushing water screamed from the mountain A waterfall that wasn't supposed to be there Flooding the highway like an exploding fountian The rain hitting my face felt like tiny little spears

I kept strolling and I was freezing inside I waded through the water and soaked to the bone No passing motorists even offered me a ride The true color of kindness some will never show

I forged my way to a road on the side One of these days I'll finally find a home A nice lady lady stopped asked if I need a ride I said this is a path I must travel alone

I thanked her for stopping and she went down the road I became a wandering troubadour one awful day Rambling around in rain, sleet and snow I'll probably never forget your beautiful face

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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