Secrets, Rumors and Lies

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Nothing was what it seemed

Secrets, Rumors and Lies

Secrets, Rumors and Lies By Mike Mezz

It's been so long Since I've looked into your eyes Maybe it was wrong Trying to hide our love inside

But It took off Our love pushed past the limits But it was a high cost When we past the stage of innocence

We absolutely knew Our love had to be hidden But rumors and lies grew In a love that was forbidden

It should be in the open Why keep our emotions just between us? I wanted the world to know That our hearts had been in touch

As the secret got out Some struggled to see A love that was so stout It must be meant to be

But you pushed away Thinking the world was against us While the gossip got in the way You started not to trust

You believed the rumors Of those against me had thrust You didn't believe my words You trusted others hateful lust

Nothing was what it seemed Suddenly love was not enough All the lies you believed You never called their bluff

All of my secrets you knew But you listened the rumors And all the lies with no proof That equaled the end of me and you

Perhaps I should've known It was too good to last Secrets, rumors and lies Love slipped from our grasp

Copyright © 2021 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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