Rise From What Remains

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Is your life in ashes?

Rise From What Remains

Rise From What Remains By: Mike Mezz

So you think your life is in ashes And there is no way out You thought about splashing From the bridge of doubt

It's easy to hide from your fears It takes real courage to stand up And to fight for what is clear You just have to make your own luck

We are alive and we are here Our decisions are what we hold dear Sometimes they are bad and severe But we move on and learn to steer

It's easy to fall back into the wrong The hard part is staying away from it all Your conscience knew it all along But your mind didn't make the right call

We can build ourselves back to elevation For we can be our own inspiration Who we need can't be any clearer They're looking back at you in the mirror

Maybe you don't believe in destiny Could be you don't believe in yourself In one shining moment you will find clarity Then you'll encounter your prosperity

So your life is not in ashes It can be rebuilt only for you You may have to take some chances But a fire can be built that burns true

In your heart you know it's there And it's true that life's not fair

But don't let ashes extinguish your flame

Be a Phoenix

Be a Phoenix And Rise From What Remains

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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