He Came Home

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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He gave everything his country asked him to give but then he came home.......

He Came Home

He Came Home By: Mike Mezz (A Narrative Poem)

He had no place to turn or to go His job was sent down to Mexico 350 people were out of work Most of the town lost their net worth

So He joined the Army to make ends meet Just after the bank took his land Fighting a rich man's war is all he had Standing in dirt and sand in Iraq

His wife lived in a slumlord's shack The finance company took his car Why are we even fighting this war? A roadside bomb took his arm

His best friend Ricky lost his life Word came down from back in the states Some unknown assailant killed his wife How much more is a man supposed to take?

When he came home He was all alone

The VA promised help but none came What the hell can a one-armed man do anyway? The medals on his chest aren't worth anything Once again he's fighting for the same damn thing

Now he's living on the streets Most days he can't get anything to eat Is this how his country repays him? Is this really the "Land of the Free?"

Begging for change so he can live He gave everything he was asked to give Most days he wished he was still over there Since coming home his country don't care

He's even more alone Now that he came home

On his thirty-first birthday he gave up Just enough coins for a fifth of whiskey Sitting on a bridge alone getting drunk Disappointed and his heart was empty

"Hey, honey here I come" Someone heard him yell

One witness said they watched him jump Another person reported that he fell He was there when his country needed him But they ignored him when he needed them

Some say he died that day below the bridge alone Others say he was already dead when he came home

In the United States,there were over 7,000 veterans who died by suicide in 2019, which was an increase from 6,200 who died in 2018. 6,010 veterans committed suicide 2017.

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Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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