C O U R A G E O U S Part Four

             C O U R A G E O U S

                       Part Four narrative poetry stories

mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Part Four....Simon and Captain attempt to land the 2 booster rockets remotely on the mountain,but
trouble awaits the people of

C O U R A G E O U S Part Four

C O U R A G E O U S BY: Mike Mezz Part Four (a poetic narrative story)

PART FOUR Unguarded

Simon successfully landed his his rocket But, I couldn't see the perfect touchdown from here My remote landing mechanism had broken a socket And I was struggling to get my missile to steer

When we launch these rockets for our escape There will be no need to land them We'll just glide them into the dock at the station in space I really don't wanna have to construct this section again

It's obvious I'm not going to bring it down on land It'll have to go into the water while getting it as close as I can A splashdown is the only option left in the plan A slew of curse words flow my mouth, "DAMN!"

"Here goes nothing... REVERSE THRUSTERS, DAMN IT"

As this rocket settles down into the flood The sound of gunshots ring out on the other side of the mountain I leave the missile where it is and start to run The echoing of our artillery was pounding

All I could think of was my darling wife I was out here alone but she was still in town Today's happenings distracted us from any fight Whoever was attacking us caught our guard down

As I approach the town of Courageous Sporadic gunfire is becoming more clear I continue trying to find out the status The attackers have obviously breached the parimeter

As I see the old Gatling Gun set up just for this purpose My arm cranks the lever and I start mowing the attackers down And to think that Simon called this old gun "worthless" I sure hope that he and Bethany are safe and sound

I glance up as I hear Bethany's voice above the noise "Hey," I yell back and she is standing on top of a building A sigh of relief leaves me while she waves her gun like a toy "Why can't everyone live in peace. I despise all this killing."

Out of ammo and targets I move into the town Bethany is now running toward me looking pissed As I reach her she throws her hat on the ground She yells "You're alive but don't you ever do that to me again!"

She hissed " I was worried. Never worry me again" Then Bethany hit me with a right hook to the chin

"You scared me to death" Bethany said somewhat calmly She pulled me close and kissed me I forgot about everything else at that moment But the sound of gunfire brought me back to reality

I know we must have some casualties And I released my embrace from Bethany My chin hurts as I face the grim realities Gunfire still sounding off somewhat steadily

"Let's go find out what's going on" I said I know Bethany heard the worry in my voice My eyes has yet to see any of our people dead Together we cautiously move toward the noise

To Be Continued.......

On the next episode of COURAGEOUS..... Reeling from the ongoing attack, the people from Courageous must stay focused on the main goal. Where's Simon and is one rocket unusable? Find out as The saga continues........ Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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