C O U R A G E O U S Part Five

             C O U R A G E O U S

                         Part Five narrative poetry stories

mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Part Five...Reeling from the ongoing attack, the people from Courageous must stay focused on the main goal. Where's Simon and can the rocket be used? Find out as the saga continues........

C O U R A G E O U S Part Five

C O U R A G E O U S BY: Mike Mezz Part Five (a poetic narrative story)

PART FIVE Rocket scientists and comedians

Bethany and I move through the town of Courageous A few structure fires are burning but I pictured it worse The sound of gunshots seem more spontaneous We both are very tired and my damn chin still hurts

A steady rain is now beginning to fall At least now it don't burn your skin like it use to It's almost as if all the polluters have gone I chuckle to myself because I know it's true

Bodies are scattered around the rock covered street None of which are Simon or any of our people The loud booming of gunfire has seemed to cease Hopefully that marks the end of the upheaval

Bethany slings her rifle over her shoulder And she reaches for my empty hand Some of the fires are starting to smolder As thunder yells out a strict command

A small group of people are bearing down on us I'm relieved as one of them is Simon The others are citizens of Courageous Simon commented "Did You crash that vessel you we're flyin'?"

I answered, "Splashdown, not a crash,. Looks like you got hit." "It ain't nothing but a scratch" "And here I am complaining about my chin" "Your chin? What happened there? She hit you again?"

"Ha ha, but Simon get a team together and retrieve that rocket," I said smiling "Oh, you mean the one you crashed?" He laughed "Splashdown, funny guy. Any casualties on our side?" "Zero, Cap. What about the bodies?" He asked

"We'll take care of 'em," Billingsly volunteered "Much appreciated, Billingsly, Anybody get away?" "Nobody, Captain. You left a pile of 'em, it appears." "Gatling Gun," I smiled at Simon and who had nothing else to say

"Should wait until morning to get the rocket, Simon," I said "Not another word about that damn Gatling Gun and it's a deal" he said jokingly I laughed while nodding my head "Captain, get some rest,we'll get them bodies gone." Promised Billingsly

"It's definitely been a long day" I muttered "Come on honey. You promised to take me to the bank" Bethany grinned "The bank? " Simon uttered "You two, jezz. I'm going home. Tonya will belt me again if I miss supper."

Morning came way to fast as I kissed Bethany's forehead I let her sleep as I went to the splashdown site Billingsly said that he had just finished dealing with the dead Simon and others others were there waiting to expedite

"Did you make a deposit?" Simon laughed, "at the bank? " "Glad you're an engineer and not a comedian" I answered "Let's go fishing, Simon. I'll take the left flank." The rocket was still floating and I'm glad that it hasn't sank

An hour later we finally reached the spacecraft It is somewhat damaged but can be repaired It's sure better than starting from scratch I was curious about how well it faired

The rocket didn't fill up with liquid Which means there's no holes in the structure It's in better shape than I could have ever predicted There's no punctures or ruptures

The bad news it that water is rising at an accelerated pace We are running out of precious time We'll have to work day and night to get into space These new Noah'sArks are our only lifeline .

Without much rest or hardly any sleep It took us four days to get the rocket back to land If time wasn't such an issue we would've let it be But time is a luxury that we don't have

To Be Continued...........

On the next episode of Courageous..... Time is running out for the survivors as they attempt to fire the first rocket full of people to the space station. Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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