C O U R A G E O U S Part Nine

             C O U R A G E O U S

                        Part Nine narrative poetry stories

mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Part Nine...In the conclusion of the Science-fiction epic, "Courageous." Simon and Tonya hope for a miracle.

C O U R A G E O U S Part Nine

C O U R A G E O U S BY: Mike Mezz Part Nine (a poetic narrative story)

PART NINE Doomsday The conclusion of "Courageous"

Courageous is flooding and all Bethany and I can do is wait We talked about getting on one of the boats But all that would do is prolong our fate There's no reason for us to die while afloat

We're together and that is all that matters now It's a strange feeling to know that you're about to die But we managed to add on another few years of life And we are truely thankful for the extra time

"Simon stop,"a voice echoed throughout the corridor He arrived at the airlock and was surprised that it opened The engineer from North Carolina barricaded the door "Simon, stop," the man's voice once again had spoken

Simon hurriedly put on a space suit that was hanging "Simon, stop. We have a deal for you just listen for a minute" "What? I'm going to get my friends. Hear what I'm saying?" "Yes, just listen to what I'm conveying"

"Talk fast because I'm leaving" "Open the door. It takes two people to pilot the Razor" "Tonya can fly it. I'll open up but time is fleeting" "Okay, Simon. Since you're going anyway. Just do us a favor"

"What favor?" Simon asked through the door "Get us some water samples and that's all. Simon that's it" "Fine. I'll open up and you send Tonya in to fly. Deal?" "It's a deal. You're wife is coming in and I'll get you the sample kit"

Tonya and Simon boarded the Razor and the man secured the sample cases "Fill them all and stay in touch on the comm" the man said "Fine, now let us go. Time is wasting" Tonya spoke, "hey baby, let's go get our friends"

The dock airlock opened and the ship left the platform bed A few seconds later the Razor was out into open space Tonya pulled the accelerator back and full speed ahead "I didn't think we'd be going back." She said. " I hope it's not too late"

"I set the coordinates as close as I could find" "It's better than flying blind" Tonya replied "I wish we still had satellites " Simon mentioned. "That would be nice" "Don't worry, baby. We'll find them in time" Tonya sighed

Bethany still wore my hat from the night before But a gust of wind blew it from her head and into the surf We both laughed about it as it floated away from shore Focusing our eyes on it until we couldn't see it anymore

The rushing water had now engulfed the town We are at the highest elevation possible now There is nowhere else to go and the waves crashed all around I held her as tight as I could trying to settle her down

I whispered "Remember when your dad caught us in his camper?" Bethany laughed, "Christmas when you went with me that year" "Oh, yes.. You tried to hide behind those sheers" "Beth, we drank his beer" We laughed

"Everything seems like yesterday" I said, choking back tears "Cap, you're the sexiest man in the world," she said in an effort to lighten the fears I laughed "I might be the only man left in the world" "I remember everything through the years"

"Me too, honey. Me too" I said A light mist from the flood is now covering our faces As the choppy water starts rising up to our knees Soon we will belong to the ages

Simon and Tonya's ship enters the Earth's atmosphere The Razor is shaking and they are both nervous Tonya throttles down the gears It won't be long until they reach the surface

Simon takes over control of the vessel while Tonya sheds her space suit As the spacecraft nears the coordinates Tonya comes back in and starts looking down into the blue "Look for land, Simon. Any land at all"

Simon turns on the outboard visual scope "Nothing, Tonya, not even a sliver. Wait, there's something small" "Turn around, Simon and get down there close" "It's probably just junk . It's definitely not a boat"

They squinted their eyes but couldn't tell what it is Simon looks at the picture on the scope and zooms in Then Simon shouts, "IT'S A BROWN HAT!" "SIMON.....ITS CAP'S"

"That means we're close. Don't lose hope" Tonya said But Simon's heart sank His gut feeling told him they were already dead Tonya yelled, "SIMON! Snap out of it. WE'RE THE ONLY ONE'S TO MAKE THE SAVE!"

"I don't see no land or boats....NOTHING!" "Well keep looking, Simon. KEEP LOOKING!" Simon took a deep breath. "Come on,anything, something," "Water, nothing there but wet" Simon finished, visibly upset

I held Bethany so tightly that I could feel her pulse She was doing the same as big waves made standing up tough They almost knocked us down but we held each other close Wherever we're going next I know our love will follow us

"I love you, Beth" "I love you too Zachary" "Are you ready?"

"Yes" "For all eternity" "See you on the other side"

52 years later Human settlement "Hamlin" on the planet " Kepler"

"Tell me about the statue again, great grandpop. Please" the little boy said "Go on, Simon" Tonya grinned "Well, we all called him Captain and he was more than just a statue. He was my friend..............."

Thank you very much for reading "Courageous." I hope you liked this story as much as I liked writing it. Thank all of you for your support and please leave me some feedback on this epic journey.

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