An Entrepreneur's Guide To Serendipity
An Entrepreneur's Guide To Serendipity stories

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An Entrepreneur's Guide To Serendipity

Never underestimate how you can make your own luck

Inherently, we entrepreneurs are an optimistic bunch

We paint visions of success in our minds and we set exuberant goals to get there. Sometimes things go wrong and we write them off as bad luck.

Could we have changed the course of events?

Are you the one keeping your doors shut?

Yesterday I received an invitation to a great networking event that offered me the opportunity to meet motivated, like-minded individuals. Would it be worth going to?

You see an invite.

Suddenly your mind comes up with reason after reason as to why you shouldn’t attend. Scheduling conflicts, time constraints, and other rationalizations.

Our Subconscious Decisions

As soon as we take in information, our subconscious brain begins forming an opinion on it, a once integral asset in the land of hunters in gatherers.

Instant Interpretation can hurt you in the long run.

By subconsciously deciding that you didn’t want to attend the event, you’ve set your brain out on a mission to rationalize this decision.

Unintended Consequences

Turning down this one event may seem trivial at first, but this event could have served as a catalyst for meeting your next co-founder, meeting a great friend, etc.

Turning down this event meant closing the door to luck

Embrace Serendipity

Serendipity — luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for (Merriam-Webster)

This event was a tinge of luck

Events like these are the perfect breeding ground for serendipity, leading to unexpected encounters and introductions that can propel you further down the path to success

If you wish to succeed

you should be doing everything in your favor to position yourself in situations where you can “get lucky”.

Luck can never be forced

but it can be gently coerced.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Whether you believe that you are inherently lucky, or inherently unlucky, you are inevitably right.

Lucky or unlucky?

As you go down the path of defining your life events as unlucky, you create a negative feedback loop for your subconscious mind, and you slowly convince yourself.


if you go out of your way to frame events in your life in a positive way, you begin to notice how lucky you truly are.

You choose to attend events like these

Because you are predisposed to being lucky, a mindset you’ve accumulated over time by perceiving your luck in a positive light.

Luck Compounding

The great thing about luck is that it can actually begin to compound once you are on the right path. Once you internalize that you are indeed lucky, great things happen

More and more positive events begin to occur

Met your company’s next investor at an event because you had the courage to approach a panelist to ask him or her question in front of a crowd of two hundred people

A tinge of good luck can multiply exponentially

Eg. Met a lawyer at an event and referred them to a friend. Suddenly, pressing legal issue comes up and you consult your newly found friend

Keeping It Actionable

Here are some next steps:

Internalize the concept of luck perception

“whether you believe that you are inherently lucky, or inherently unlucky, you are inevitably right.”

Notice and appreciate small drops of luck

Begin to notice and appreciate the small drops of luck you experience on a daily basis.

Put yourself out there

Put yourself out there into situations which promote the occurrence of luck, such as events that are relevant to your interests composed of like-minded people.

Keep an open mind

Keep an open mind in your day-to-do life occurrences — aim to see them in a positive frame.

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