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About a little boy and his teddy bear.


Me and my father, Angus finally reached the door to my mom’s hospital room, the door was: tall, thick, heavy, brown just like the rest down the hall.

I look up at my father who gives me a slight grin as we walk inside the hospital room. There are already nurses inside checking my mom.

I wander around the room curiously looking at the gloves and the closet. I notice there is not anything inside the closet and I sigh going to her bed side as the nurses leave the room.

My father pushes me back a little as my mom slowly looks over at me.

I am wearing a purple graphic t-shirt that has a kitty painting Bob Ross on it, with blue jeans, with black Vans’ that have purple accents on them.

She smiles and reaches over handing me a teddy bear.

She pulls me over and kisses my forehead whispering in my ear “I will be back, do not worry my son.”

As I hear this a tear rolls down my puffy pink cheeks and I nod brushing the tears off my face. My father pushes me towards one of the nurses and tells her to watch me.

She gives me coloring sheets and has me sit at the desk with her and I sit there for what felt like days, yet it was only a few hours.

Dad comes out and I look up at him, the nurses run into the room where my mother was and I try to run inside with them.

But he picks me up and takes me out of the hospital without speaking a word. There were beeping noises surrounding me and the smell of hand sanitizer was stuck up my nose.

Tears roll down my face more as he takes me out the hospital.

“I know I’m only 8 but I am not stupid, I know when someone dies.

I know what happens to them and how it all works, but why did it have to be my mom? She helped my family stay sane…” I think to myself.

As dad takes me to the car I hug the teddy bear mom gave me remembering what she said to me. “I will be back, don’t worry.”

What does this mean? What did she mean when she said she will be back?” I think to myself as dad puts me in the car.

It still has the smell of her favorite perfume “Love Spell” from Victoria Secret. I tear up more becoming sad as I smell it and I start to cry.

Dad laughs a little and I wipe my tears away becoming angry at the fact of how he can laugh on such a sad day. I look into the teddy bears’ eyes and I see a glisten.

I rub my eyes and hug it tightly thinking about my mom. Dad soon gets into the car and starts driving us home. I hugged the bear and stared out the window on the way home.

I noticed the blue jays flying around and a cat walking on a sidewalk by the front of a grocery store. The wind blew the tree leaves and bushes.

We finally got home and I take off running up to my room to be alone. I curl up in my bed hugging the bear crying. After a good hour or so the bear starts to move.

I look at it a little freaked out and start to panic. I throw it across the bed and it wiggles more.

I scoot back throwing the blankets over my head as the teddy bear walks over to me and rubs my head soothingly. My mother used to rub my head this way to comfort me.

I look at the teddy bear and it is still rubbing my head while its head is tilted as it stares at me. I blink staring back and say, “Hello.” Curiously while also scared of it.

The teddy bear slightly smiles which begins to creep me out but then a voice breaks the silence “Hello my son” the bear would say and I laughed thinking I was hearing things.

“Don’t call me that, only mommy can call me that,” I say to the bear and study it.

The bear smiles more and giggles “Sweetie its me, mommy. I told you I would come back didn’t I?” the teddy bear asked and I jump scooting back scared.

“Nuhuhhhh mommies dead!” I yell at the bear and dad yells at me.

“Who are you talking to Jimmy?” he yells and I respond saying, “Nothing dad. Just myself.”

The teddy bear turns around looking around “We need to get you out of this house right now.” It says and grabs my backpack putting clothes into it.

I tilt my head confused as the teddy bear packs my bag. “Why do I need to leave? Where would I go?” I ask panicking again.

The teddy bear looks at me and sighs “It’s not safe here, you need to go to your grandparents house.”

I get up and help the teddy bear pack my things listening to it, as it did know what mommy said to me before she had died. I need to do what the teddy bear says.

I grab my bag and the teddy bear, climbing out my window as I start to take off running towards my grandparents house. It’s almost 8 o’clock at night when I get half way there.

I have stopped running and been walking for a good 8 miles, the bear instructing me where to go and how to get to my grandparents. When I come up to the house, I walk up to the door and knock.

Nobody answers so I knock again waiting for a response.

The teddy bear begins to speak again, “Ring the doorbell JimJim, you know grandma and grandpa can’t hear.” I giggle at this and ring the doorbell.

I press my ear up to the door only being 4’5, I begin to hear something moving and I step back.

The blue door slowly opens and I peak around the opening “Grandma?” I ask as I don’t hear a response. “Grandpa?” I ask as well, walking into the house pushing the door open.

The house was yellow and a little small but grandma and grandpa said that it reminded them of “The good ole days.” And I would smile at them as they said this.

I walk into the house looking around at everything. As you walk in, there is a coat rack and places to put your shoes, it’s a long hallway and the further you walk there are two openings.

One on the right one on the left. To the right is your kitchen where grandma has modern kitchen ware.

It was painted a grey purple color which I found very interesting because “how can you get grey to be a little purple?” I always asked myself this.

But I walk through the kitchen to the living room/ dining room. There’s a big tv in the middle of the room on a nightstand and some cabinets around the room for organization.

On the tv stand grandma has collected glass antiques of characters from different movies as well as animals that were in the lion king.

As I walk past the living room into the hallway again I see the stairs.

"Where are grandma and grandpa? They’re shoes are still here at the house by the door and the car is in the driveway."

I go up the stairs into their bedroom on the right and peak in. It is now dark slate blue, there’s a tv in the middle of the room and they got a bigger bed. The bed has been placed at the window.

“Why would they block the window?” I wonder. I look around the room seeing no sign of them and I begin to get confused.

The bathroom door was cracked open, so I walk towards it pushing it open but it’s jammed. I try to push it open but can’t.

The teddy bear speaks saying “Try sliding through the crack in the door.

” I nod and slides through the bathroom door and scream as I see my grandma and grandpa on the ground with red goo dripping from there bodies.

I hug the teddy bear harder and shut my eyes starting to cry again. The teddy bear gasps as she sees the grandparents on the floor and gulps getting angry.

I run to the phone and call 911 but the lines have been cut and I look around to see if there’s another way I can get help. As I turn to walk back to grandma and grandpa I hear footsteps.

The teddy bear starts to speak again saying “Hide I don’t have a good feeling about this person. Hide quickly!!”

I jump and crawl up under the bed and hide as the comforter falls down over the sides hiding my body.

As the footsteps get nearer I look down at the end of the bed to see what the shoes look like. I hold my teddy bear close and the person sighs.

“Come out from under the bed.” The person says. But they sound so familiar. I stay up under the bed quietly as the man sighs again frustrated.

“Get out from under the bed now!” he says in a deeper voice and I recognize who it is. It’s my father.

The teddy bear shakes its head and I look around to hide and realize that I can hide in the box spring.

So I climb up into the bed and lay silently while he looks up under the bed for me and he laughs.

“Oh wow you didn’t hide under the bed this time,” he walks around the room looking for me.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, grandma and grandpa were the ones who were gonna hurt you. They were gonna take you away from me..

” I stay silent as he says all this checking around the room and gets frustrated and walks out.

As I hear him go down stairs I climb out from under the bed and get to the window. I open it up and see how far of a jump it is and frowns.

Even though it’s the second floor I am still just a child. I might break bones or worse. End up like my family.

So I grab the sheets and tie it to the bed frame and connect the comforter to it quickly before he comes back up to the room. I sling it out the window and climb down the sheet rope.

As I get to the bottom he grabs me and puts me in a choke hold.

“You damn kid. Stressing me out like this. You just need to understand that I can help you like I helped mommy. She was suffering just like you are. Let me help you end all the suffering.

” he says and I feel my lips become cold and lose my breathe as I start slapping his arm trying to get him to loosen his grip.

Angus only tightened them and I begin to feel light headed and start to faint.

I soon become conscious looking around me. I rub my eyes trying to see what was happening.

As my eyes focused in becoming clear from the haze, I see the teddy bear standing up on its two feet with a gardening hoe standing by a body across the yard.

So I run and pick up the bear hugging it. The police start to show up and slowly get out looking from me and the bear to the body in the grass. The teddy bear has dropped the gardening hoe.

And the police run up to me pulling me to the cop car as tears stream down my face.

People started walking out their house with hands over their mouths feeling sorry for me that I have lost my father but some all looking at me as if I’m a murderer.

You could see red, blue, and white lights rep

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