Who Ate the Last Slice of Pizza?
Who Ate the Last Slice of Pizza? mighty med stories

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Someone ate Oliver's last slice of pizza! Who could it be?

Who Ate the Last Slice of Pizza?

Oliver: Kaz!

Kaz: What's up Oliver?

Oliver: You ate the last slice of pizza!

Kaz: No I didn't!

Oliver: Oh, so I just suppose it went through a wormhole?

Kaz: That would be awesome.

Oliver: Just admit it. You ate it!

Kaz: I'm telling you I didn't!

Skylar: What are you two fighting about now?

Oliver: Kaz ate the last slice of pizza and is lying to my face.

Kaz: But I didn't eat the pizza!

Skylar: Kaz, we all know you did. You're the only other one that knew about the pizza.

Kaz: I didn't, I swear!

Alan: *mouth full* What are you guys talking about.

Oliver: Alan, what are you eating?

Alan: *mouth full* Someone left a slice of pizza unguarded.

Oliver: It WaS yOu!

Kaz: *mouthing* Run

Alan: *runs*

Oliver: *runs after Alan* Come here you little pizza theft!

Kaz: That's it for Mighty Med!

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