We Need Help!
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mightymed Saving the People Who Save People
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We need ideas. Can you give us some?

We Need Help!

Oliver: WE HAVEN'T POSTED IN 20 DAYS?!?!?!

Kaz: Oliver calm down it's not the end of the world.

Oliver: Kaz, if we don't post, we'll be cubed.

Kaz: Nah, the worst that'll happen is Horace will give control over to Alan.

Oliver: Maybe we should ask our followers for help?

Kaz: Yeah, because our three, no wait, two followers probably have friends.

Oliver: You're not helping our case Kaz.

Kaz: Look, to anyone who may or may not be reading this, can you give us ideas or something?

Oliver: It doesn't even have to involve Mighty Med. It can literally be anything!

Kaz: Please, or Nervous McWorriedpants might pass out over here.

Oliver: Just, please help us.

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