We Might As Well Introduce Everyone
We Might As Well Introduce Everyone mighty med stories

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Introducing the other people of Mighty Med!

We Might As Well Introduce Everyone

Oliver: I just realized something.

Kaz: That your fly is down?

Oliver: No, but thank you. I realized most of these people might not know who we are.

Kaz: That would make making fun of you harder.

Oliver: Well, they know us, but not the others.

Kaz: *Behind him* Yo Horace and Skylar! Oliver wants to introduce you guys!

Horace: Very good idea Oliver.

Skylar: What is this?

Oliver: Skylar, Horace, could you introduce yourselves?

Horace: I'm Horace Diaz and I run Mighty Med. I love bridges!

Skylar: I'm Skylar Storm. I'm from the planet Caldera where every female looks exactly alike.

Oliver: I think that's everyone!

Kaz: Um, I think we're forgetting someone...

Oliver: No! We are not letting him know about this!

Horace: He is my nephew Oliver. No matter how annoying he is.

Oliver: *sigh* Fine.

Kaz: *Behind him* Alan!

Alan: What!?

Kaz: Come introduce yourself to thousands of online strangers.

Alan: My name is Alan Diaz. That's all they need to know.

Oliver: Now I think that's everyone.

Kaz: We'll work on that!

Oliver: Kaz, what do you mean?

Kaz: Our outro.

Oliver: *Sigh* If anyone has a good idea for an outro, please let us know.

Kaz: Catch you guys later.

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