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Welcome to Mighty Med heroes!

Our Intro

Kaz: Come on Oliver, the account has my name on it too!

Oliver: Kaz, we talked about this.

Kaz: I am half of this account!

Oliver: But who's idea was it to make the account?

Kaz: Horace's.

Oliver: Just sit there and be quiet.

Kaz: Fine.

Oliver: Sorry about that. I'm Oliver.

Kaz: And I'm Kaz!

Oliver: Anyway, we represent Mighty Med-

Kaz: Which is a hospital for superheroes!

Oliver: Kaz would you shut up.

Kaz: Fine Mr. Hogs-All-The-Fun.

Oliver: We'd like to bring our services to here, as our employer Horace Diaz is convinced there is superheroes on here.

Kaz: Mr. Killjoy over here thinks Horace is crazy.

Oliver: Anyway, if you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us.

Kaz: This is Oliver and Kaz flying out!

Oliver: Oliver and Kaz flying out?

Kaz: Well, we need a cool intro, and we both can fly.

Oliver: We'll work on that later.

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