Oliver, Wake up!
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Kaz tries everything to get Oliver to wake up.

Oliver, Wake up!

Kaz: Oliver, wake up!

Oliver: Just five more minutes mom...

Kaz: Oliver, we're on!

Oliver: Leave me alone...

Horace: Kaz, what's wrong with Oliver?

Kaz: He doesn't want to wake up.

Oliver: Yes, I would like that cream pie....

Horace: Oh, he's in deep. Good luck Kaz!

Kaz: Wait Horace! I've been trying for five hours!

Skylar: What have you been trying?

Kaz: To wake Oliver up.

Oliver: Oh Skylar kiss me....

Skylar: Yeah, we gotta wake him up.

Kaz: That's what I've been trying to do!

Skylar: Oliver, wake up.

Oliver: Peanut butter Google....

Kaz: I have to admit a Peanut butter Google sounds awesome.

Skylar: Oliver, I love you.

Oliver: Huh, whu?

Kaz: Morning princess!

Oliver: How long was I out? How long has this been going?

Kaz: You've been out for five hours and this has been going for a few minutes.

Oliver: And you didn't try to wake me up?

Kaz: I tried everything but barbecuing you!

Oliver: Oh, well thanks.

Kaz: This is Mighty Med, flying out!

Oliver: We really have to work on our outro.

Kaz: That's what put you to sleep!

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