Oliver Has a Tiny Melt Down
Oliver Has a Tiny Melt Down mighty med stories

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While figuring out pictures, Oliver has a little melt down...

Oliver Has a Tiny Melt Down

Oliver: There! I finally got the pictures working!

Kaz: The flame from before was kinda cool...

Oliver: Skylar, Horace, Alan, do you mind talking so I can see if your pictures work?

Skylar: Looks like mine's works!

Horace: I love bridges!

Alan: Do I have to?

Oliver: Only took all night, but I did it!

Kaz: Really? I coulda done this in five minutes.

Skylar: Kaz has a valid point.

Oliver: I tried okay!

Horace: Maybe I should've put Kaz in charge...

Oliver: No! I can handle it!

Alan: Uncle Horace, you should put ME in charge!

Kaz: Not on your life Alan.

Oliver: Everyone just be quiet!

Kaz: Fine Mr. Killjoy.

Oliver: This is a very stressful job Kaz!

Kaz: Not really.

Oliver: Okay that's it!

Syklar: Where's he going?

Kaz: Most likely a closet to scream in, hehe.

Skylar: I should probably go look for him...

Kaz: This is Mighty Med, signing off!

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