I became the sickness.
I became the sickness. feelings stories

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//Just a quick tw the work is about ed's so be carefull about that.

I became the sickness.

It never seemed like a problem.

To me it was normal.


Throw up.

Go on and smile.

I'd skip breakfast because no one ate breakfast.

It was cool to skip breakfast, something to brag about.

For lunch I'd have a fifth of what everyone else was having.

Then no one would look at me weirdly.

And dinner didn't matter because that I would throw up.

The hunger never faded but I got used to it.

It felt like a victory.

Time passed without me noticing.

I became nothing but the shell of the person I used to be.

I gave up.

My smiles were convincing so why try to get better?

I was sick and I accepted the sickness as a part of me.

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