It's Okay
It's Okay

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It’s okay to be in pain/To not wanna get out of bed/It’s okay to be afraid/Of the thoughts inside your head/It’s okay to crash and burn/To just wanna run away/But giving up on your life/Will never be okay

It's Okay

The light fades away As the darkness calls my name My mind becomes a place Where fears come out to play Rationality recedes Chased away by my insecurities Chaotic thoughts have found a way And I’m scared they're here to stay

CHORUS When it feels like yesterday Is gone for good And tomorrow’s sun will never rise When you’ve lost all sense of self And you're hurting inside Find a little something good And hold on with all your might Lost in this darkness Find your ray of light

It’s okay to be in pain To not wanna get out of bed It’s okay to be afraid Of the thoughts inside your head It’s okay to crash and burn To just wanna run away But giving up on your life Will never be okay

CHORUS Hitting rock bottom Ain't the lowest you can go Cuz as long as you're still kicking Ya gotta million possibilities So to reach your best future Ya gotta change your realities Failing doesn't make you a failure Just gotta pick yourself back up Brush off the self-disgust

Because you never know What your future holds And your present path Isn't set in stone Your thoughts become your actions And your actions change your world So don't let your fear hold you back You are on your own unique path You're doing what you need to To become the true you

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