Devil's Song

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midnightwryder YouTube channel: Aeri McCarthy
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So when drowning in darkness/Hope for a breath of light/Don't let the sadness take you/Day always follows night

Devil's Song

Darkness creeps across the ground Sadness swirls through the air Anger and jealousy boil the sea And the shining moon rises Bathing the dark world With its silvery-false hope

CHORUS This is a song to the devil Telling you what I think I’ve heard evil lives forever Feeding off our misery But did you know That where shadows thrive Light too must survive Not all hope is false

A cloak of shadows Covers some Reflecting the night sky Even in the darkness Those stars shine bright Oh for there to be darkness There must also be light CHORUS

If evil is eternal So too must be the good So when drowning in darkness Hope for a breath of light Don't let the sadness take you Day always follows night~

Everyone has a story Full of highs and lows Don't let the lows derail you Overshadowing the highs Taking away your life CHORUS

Just live your life Get through the strife Don't give up on this crazy Roller coaster ride Enjoy the highs Remember the lows Go as far as you can go CHORUS (+ echoed whispers)

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