The Mafia's Mistress By: midnightmumbles
The Mafia's Mistress

By: midnightmumbles  mafia stories

midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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The Devils personification and His snakes reincarnation

The Mafia's Mistress By: midnightmumbles

VACANCY :- Contract for a bride Who lothes the broke life. She'd help him hide crimes Scheme the public eye Play Cinderella His ' Love at first site' ** Hungry little Snake Ate her arms and legs To then kiss the Devil The little snake went

I am so greedy, and you are too cold You gave me those jewels, I sold you my soul I'd swear you had caused The angle's to fall I have waltzed your fire That's painted in gold

Your kills make headlines Shivers down their spine One freezing Demon Mary Jane's dark knight Not the prince Charming People claim they know. Half way our 30's We're Married for show

Do i regret it? No, Not at all. Money can't buy love, love can't throw balls. Thinking in that sense... I guess that I don't. Loves overrated, My hell's the north pole. I laugh and realize I had been taught wrong. As I drag my gown Owning the dance floor

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