The 20th Year Single By:midnightmumbles
The 20th Year Single

By:midnightmumbles teenagers stories

midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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I am busy, I'm young and I'm awkward, so no...but I still need to fit it in to the schedule...

The 20th Year Single By:midnightmumbles

Depending on who you are the title of this story makes you think one of two things A big fat 'Welcome To The Club' or 'wow, for real?' and on my 20th year of popping into this world I was contempleting both these out looks... A lot of people date in high school rarely ever seeing the relationship through to college

and honestly, that had always kind of struck me as a waste of time, but when I inquired upon it, I was informed that " High school is just for experience, used to identify red flag's and understand how to handle certain situations later in life; thus it is input to get a fairly stable relationship by the end of college. "

This seemed all fine and well but I wasn't one to juggle school,a love life and friendships...this would definitely send an introvert such as my self towards burn out, besides I was horrible at meeting people; which made me unable to crush on any one for the full 19 years of my existence(this is considering that there were some decent people in the crowds, not like I would know.)

Another reason for my avoidance of such things was age, as my brain just refused to start dating before University. In sum up: I am busy, I'm young and I'm awkward, so no. but THIS choice presented a problem, since my heart was hell bent on skipping high school romances, I would be lacking the know- how

for when I do need to actually get married: hence I came up with a thought. You know how people say 'first love is special'? Well, my plan is to yeet that right out my chimney and use my first relationship as the experience period, alongside someone good enough, going on from there...if it works it works and if it doesn't...then at least it was not a waste time.

This would be ,of course, during the last years of university, when I'm comfortably settled in with my grades. I'll basically replace 'first love is special' with 'until death do us part is special' casually dating around for two years to learn the ropes and eventually find a suitable match. All this in the name of trying to beat that annoying 'girls must be married by....' span...

It's not a full proof plan so if it does fall apart(which knowing me, it probably will), I'll just work on my career until I'm 40 get hitched with a carefully picked partner and adopt a child together. Then Happily Ever After -The End- Entry- 01/11/2020

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