Orphaned Either Way By:midnightmumbles
Orphaned Either Way

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You know your mama partied more than you

Orphaned Either Way By:midnightmumbles

You know your mama partied more than you with a secured Spot In the choir too.

Slept in until noon to dream of salvation Back from nights of sin In trance of remissions Recite names of saints Just to avoid hell hope she suffers now While dad's doing well

Been a bind to her mines. Such a small sacrifice Made to pay a 'wifes' price one child she didn't like In return for her wine no matter what you'd do She'd never notice you. You've never seen her cook You've never had her food Gave up on her for good When you hit twenty-two

She's quite the matchmaker You the 'ungrateful' daughter Who didn't land those bastards She didn't care aboucha Its okay Its okay You never liked her anyway Its okay You never liked her anyway

daddy's fond of see you soons' Earned more mill's this year too Gave you all the best shoes A crib with sixteen rooms Marble walls, cedar roofs Antique tables,window views Thousands spent on homeschool You were lonely weren't you? A question never asked of you.

Its okay Its okay It doesn't matter anyway

looking down their graves today There wasn't much you could say been an orphan either way So, let her join the pits of hell But hope daddy's doing well

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