Casket Under The Couch By:midnightmumbles
Casket Under The Couch


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midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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I felt like writing a horror story today

Casket Under The Couch By:midnightmumbles

I rolled under my black Chesterfield couch and heard random strangers walking up the apartment stair case. The pit-pating of their foot steps, coupled with an occasional story being echoed along the hallway was such a calming experience that I couldn't help but wonder if this is how you felt inside your casket..just listening to the world pass by.

Perhaps this was a creepy thing to do, but I don't care damn it! If this is my ticket to a connection,then so be it. I never did mind making people uneasy, its not like they wouldn't get over it, eventually they will...If any thing, I'm the unlucky one here;

for i can not revisit what we had as easily as people can let go of a little scare but in this calm and cold state I can almost taste your presence. I remember that the first time I saw you, you were completely drunk. You stumbled out of that party, looking gorgeous, and headed straight for my car.

After settling in the back seat, you gave me your address then slurred several aspects of your life in a blurry rant. I was not able to forget you since, so I drove past your place a lot, and knew everything about you before you even met me.

Hence, getting you to come here was simple and it was all dandy for the first few weeks...until I made the mistake of trusting you with a bit of freedom.

You stained most of my floor that day... why did you have to try and escape huh? I treated you so meant the world to me darling, you knew that didn't you? and Initially I had rolled under the sofa to clean up this mess, but at least now i know how safe you must feel in my back yard.

Never in my years have I taken such risks for a girl and I, most likely, never again shall....because next time I'll make sure to lock the basement.

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