Babe, Listen. By:midnightmumbles
Babe, Listen.

By:midnightmumbles fights stories
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midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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Our Jealousy and irrational accusations can cost us our relationships so lets learn to argue less and discuss better.

Babe, Listen. By:midnightmumbles

I talk to all ' the bro's ' Like I do my girl friend's Both of them are equal, in almost everysense, Unlike either of them I treat you like a Prince,

and if you can't see that let's call this what it is, I know you spent last night Creeping on my DM's I have nothing to hide, So stop being Jealous.

You've been too much lately When it comes to these things and BECAUSE I love you, I'll call you out on it. Let's just talk it over Your better than this Sh@t

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