A Book Worm Written by:midnightmumbles Inspired from : Random people on the web

A Book Worm

Written by:midnightmumbles 

Inspired from : Random people on the web bookworm stories

midnightmumbles We are all mad here
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A day in the life of a book worm , this is gonna be a long one brace yourselfs

A Book Worm Written by:midnightmumbles Inspired from : Random people on the web

I walked blindly through traffic long before pokémon made it cool. Eyes glued onto my brand new baby which was purposefully kept away from my other love interests. The others were ,oh so carefully, placed inside my bag;where they could not witness my new distraction and could not remind me of my endless "To Be Read" pile.

I walked even faster as I convinced myself that; there is no such thing as 'too many books' only too few book shelves. Finally, having reached home; I changed into sweatpants, grabbed my bookaholic themed mug and then, struggled to find the perfect sitting position which, mind you, is no easy fit.

As soon as I was properly dressed for the occasion I took all of it in. I ate up your title, like the pasta my very own mama makes, slowly giliding my fingers over the beautiful cover and admiring it for a fine minute or two...right before letting you open to take a wiff of the pages, while immersing myself in that certain smell I thought that it should be a candle scent; available at EVERY mart.

Okay, so maybe that's too far and I have an unhealthy relationship with you babies...but I can't be alone on this! I bet there is a gorgeous house somewhere out there;with every inch of its walls filled by wonderful books, not to mention how there would be NO NEIGHBOR'S to interrupt us or long walks to a bathroom, thats just too DARN far away!

and If there isn't a place that matches these book worm fantasies ....well I'll just have to be the one to make it happen! but until then, you and I are going on an adventure dear...let's twirl in the world that you create and leave this relality behind, shall we? ****

It's our seventy second hour anniversary, past several pages and sadly left with ten, we have known eachother for a while darling, and oh, what a ride it has been! I came across such well written lines, that I couldn't help but pause in pure appreciation Those were definently our best moments.

I could never read fast enough when you shocked me dry, but ofcourse I've had my share of sherlock Holmes here and there... Like when I unravelled bits of the plot before your planned twist;I bet you were peeved but your way meaner than I am! I'm at the receiving end of so many werid looks you know?

How can I not be? I'd burst out laughing in public, following your quite jokes. I hold you responsible for making me cry as well, Your such a butt sometimes... Leaving me cliffhangers and killing off my favorite characters, but what can I say?

I'm a sucker for you, and I know you do me bad but I am. So will you give me a satisfying or horrible ending? I want to finish you but I'm terrified at the same time! Can I trust you now? After all you put me through?

Apparently not. I turned the page and was met with blank, I blinked over and over again just to make sure that, there ACTUALLY were NO MORE words left to read. That it wasn't the sleep deprivation of all our nights together acting up...

and then I realized that you Were a series! I felt so betrayed, I was NOT looking for that kind of commitment but I dont have a choice now, do I?

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