Who Owns the Night? By MidnightMoon294
          Who Owns the Night?

         By MidnightMoon294  clouds stories

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I’m not exactly sure what this is but enjoy anyway.😝 Thanks to @spiritwing for inspiring this idea!
Song of the Day: I Can’t Stand the Rain by SuperM

Who Owns the Night? By MidnightMoon294

The night was clear The night was cold Said the clouds to the moon: “Does this not grow old? Allow us to unfold.”

Said the moon to the clouds: “Tonight, you I shall still withhold.”

Said one cloud to another: “I grow restless.” Replied the other: “Let us defy the night. It is our turn to own the dark. To be reckless.”

Together, along with the crowd They broke through the curtain of night With thunderous voices loud They collided and crashed To pieces, the dark was S /M /A /S /H /E /D

Said the clouds to the moon: “This is your domain But you have held us back And do not allow us to rain.

You keep the night’s peace Yet we are needed We can give the earth water While you merely remain its watcher.”

The Moon Knew What Had To Be Done

Said the moon the clouds: “To me you will listen. I see what you have become. I cannot keep you hidden.

Strong you are, And shall roam the sky. Over the world you shall fly.

A fraction of the night shall be yours. But it is I who owns it. So while a piece you may insure, Mind it’s beauty you do not obscure.”

But the clouds did not agree. They overshadowed the moon And caused the stars to burn out. All while thundering across the sky with glee. For finally they were free.

The night was now theirs And they refused to surrender Or ever share.

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