Silent Voices in the Night

       Silent Voices in the Night

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midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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For @inspartion’s contest. (It’s kinda sloppy, the flow isn’t the best, but I hope you enjoy.) Based on one of my favorite Greek legends: Orpheus & Eurydice. (There are many different versions of this story, so mine may not be consistent with the version you know.)

Silent Voices in the Night

Two lovers together Happy at last Unaware of tragedy That would soon come to pass

She turned away for only a moment As she danced among nymphs Danger swiftly approached her Yet silent, remaining unnoticed

Venom of a viper deadly Left his love in fateful forever sleep Silent shadows heard him weep Time to take her under; they could not tarry

He heard the whispers down below Carried above, upon the breeze Sinister eyes were aglow Waiting for another soul

Now wrought with grief He wandered alone Found solace in music In its comforting tone

He wanted her back So he left this world Plunged down into darkness And followed her tracks

Made a deal with the devil And found his love Allowed to return To the world up above

Unable to hear her He wanted to see If the shadow behind him Really was she

He saw her face for only an instant Her eyes filled with tears She faded away, a shade so distant Forever lost in the land downstairs

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