DANGEROUS DUO?

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Hope you enjoy Chapter 3! Feel free to comment your thoughts or suggestions for the story!😊 Thanks for reading, my amazing Stardrops!❤️


Tonya quickly got up and dashed to the Great Hall for breakfast. She’d had the loveliest dream where she’d become the top student at Hogwarts and couldn’t wait to tell Sasha about it. She hoped Sasha had slept well and wasn’t still seeing imaginary things.

Upon arriving and seating herself with the other Gryffindors, she noticed that her sister wasn’t there yet. While continuing to look at their table, she noticed a dark haired boy with round glasses and a jagged scar peeking out just below his hairline.

Harry Potter! Tonya thought, suddenly excited. Alec had told her of the famous Harry Potter and she’d been waiting to meet him, but she’d missed him at supper last night. “What are you staring at?” asked a voice behind Tonya that nearly made her spill the cup of milk in her hand.

She turned around to see a blonde, wide eyed girl standing behind her. “Oh umm...that’s Harry Potter, isn’t it?” Tonya asked. “I’ve heard so much about him.” “Yes, that’s Harry,” said the girl. “Perhaps you’d like to meet him? I’d be happy to introduce you. My name is Luna. Luna Lovegood.”

“I’m Tonya Solovyova.” “Yes I know,” said Luna. “I heard you were coming.” “Me? asked Tonya in surprise. “Really?” “Of course,” said Luna. “Everyone knows what happened with your brother’s wand. People say you and your sister are capable of extraordinary magic.”

“Oh I don’t know about that,” said Tonya. “I really don’t know much about magic at all.” Luna sighed and shrugged. “Perhaps,” she said. “Anyway, if you’d like me to introduce you to Harry, just come to the Ravenclaw reading room after classes. I’ll be there.” “Thanks,” said Tonya.

As Luna left, Tonya saw Sasha walk in. “Sasha!” Tonya called. “Come here.” Sasha sleepily walked over. Her hair had been combed, but not well, and dark circles stood out beneath her eyes. “Gosh,” said Tonya. “I guess l don’t have to ask how you slept.”

Sasha groaned. “I doubt my eyes stayed closed for more than a minute last night.” She leaned in closer, as if about to tell a secret. “Wait!” Tonya hissed. “Professor Knobb is watching us. We don’t want him to think we’re up to anything suspicious. Just talk quietly.”

“Ok,” said Sasha. “I saw the shadow again.” “Oh Sasha,” groaned Tonya. “Really? What is it with you and this shadow?” “Well it’s not just a shadow. It’s a person. And they just keep watching me. And I don’t think they want me to see them.”

“Maybe it’s just someone playing a prank on you,” said Tonya, her mouth full of porridge. “Do you have to eat like that?” Sasha asked. “Well pardon me!” Said Tonya sarcastically. “Let’s change the subject, shall we? I met a girl who says she’ll introduce us to Harry Potter! THE Harry Potter! Isn’t that exciting?”

“Yeah I suppose so,” said Sasha, slowly twirling her spoon around in her porridge. “I just don’t feel comfortable here right now. I mean don’t you get the feeling like people are watching us?” “Well of course,” said Tonya. “Professor Knobb is. But you know that. He’s supposed to be our supervisor.”

“Yeah I know,” said Sasha. “I mean...like everyone. It’s as if everyone is watching us, just waiting for us to do something wrong.” “The girl I met, Luna, did say that everyone knows about us. Do you think people are mad about what happened?” Asked Tonya.

“I think they’re scared,” said Sasha. “That’s what it feels like to me.” “Oh that’s silly,” said Tonya. “I’m not so sure,” said Sasha. She glanced around the room and noticed several faces staring at them. Her eyes darted to the hallway.

Two amber eyes were staring directly at her, almost glowing in the darkness of the hallway. Sasha jumped up out of her chair. “Tonya look!” Tonya’s head shot up and looked where her sister’s eyes were looking. “I see it!” She cried. “Shh!” Hissed Sasha. “We don’t wanna attract attention.”

“Wait Sasha, look!” Tonya directed her sister’s eyes to their supervisor in the corner of the room. He was looking straight into the hallway and shaking his head. The figure in the hallway nodded its head and walked away, but as it did, Sasha caught a flash of long red hair.

“What was that about?” Tonya asked. “I have no idea.” Said Sasha. “It could be nothing...but why doesn’t that person keep watching us?” “Why don’t we find out?” Said Tonya. Sasha nodded. And the two of them left, unaware that Professor Knobb was not far behind.

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