Couple of Announcements
      Couple of Announcements  announcement stories

midnightmoon294 Christian Gal✝️ *Not very active*
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Couple of Announcements

Hello Stardrops! Just here to let you in on a few things. My job & school are taking up a lot of my time right I may not be posting very often. I really need to focus on my school more, & as much as I love this app, I need to limit my time on it for awhile.

I will still be liking & commenting on your posts, just don’t expect many posts from me for a bit.

Also I’m truly sorry to anyone who reads & enjoys my Harry Potter fanfic: Dangerous Duo, but I will not be able to continue it, as I am just too busy right now to focus on writing a story. I may come back to it if I can, but for now, I’m shelving it. Again, I apologize for this.

I love you all! Take care & have a beautiful day my Stardrops!💖

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