I'm Not as Lonely Anymore
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nspired by "I'm not as lonely anymore," by Elijah Who
Artist: Elijah Who
Album: new feelings
Released: 2017
Genre: Hip-hop/rap
Listen on youtube:

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I'm Not as Lonely Anymore

Laying around,

Talking to myself,

Realizing feelings I've never felt

Such a beautiful Sunday

I'm kneeling; keeling over these cards I've been dealt

I'm killing all these whispers I felt


I'm broke but I've never been wealthier

I'm broken but I've never been healthier

I'm not as lonely anymore,

Birds in the sky,

ducks in the pond

I'm surrounded by everyone

Game on, teach me your ways

Make today a beautiful Sunday,

I think today I'll put down the bottle,

Ease up on the throttle

Take it slow

Like a snail after the rain

Coming out the shell today,

Expecting your letter in the mail someday

Those words like hieroglyphics

I'll be your Indy and I am jonesing for you

You'll be my Fenti and I'll be beauty for you

We'll mend these wounds like surgical glue

No tears like I'm baby shampoo

No fears, like I'm guided by you

No steers like I'm riding bareback to you

No saddle because I'm a cowboy for you

No spurs because I'm stirred by you

Such a beautiful Sunday

I'm in some daze thanks to you

This is the start of something new

So thank you

I'm not as lonely anymore

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