Arranged Marriage.
Arranged Marriage. bts stories

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Park Ha Na, also known as Hanna: her parents are the CEO of a company and in order for their company to be more 'powerful' the daughter/son of the CEO has to marry the daughter/son of another CEO of a company. In this case, Ha Na and a guy named Kim Taehyung. But little did Ha Na know that the guy she will be marrying is the "Prince" of the school, also the hottest guy and a player.

Arranged Marriage.

7:00 A.M. Seoul South Korea...

Ha Na woke up due to her alarm going off next to her by the night table. She expanded her arm to reach it and threw it on the ground and breaking it.At the sound of her alarm breaking Ha Na groans in annoyance and sits up then looks at the destroyed clock that is in small pieces on the ground.

She stands up and goes around the broken clock and walks into her bathroom to take a shower. Fifteen minutes passed by and Ha Na got out of the bathroom with a towel around her.

She then walks into her walk-in closet and picks out white jeans, a pink crop top, a white jacket and Adidas. After she finished dressing she brushed her hair and puts it in a bun.With that, she grabs her purse with all her books in it and walks out of her room leaving the broken clock on the floor.

When she got downstairs her maids greeted her with a smile and said, "Morning Miss, I was told by Mrs.Kim and Mr.Kim that after school you need to come straight back home and get dressed formally, and to wait until they come back." One of the maids said.Ha Na just nodded to them not saying a word and grabbed her car keys then headed outside and got in the car.

Ha Na's High School...

Ha Na finally arrived at school and her friends come running to her. "I thought you had stayed sleeping!!" Said, Jennie "Yea you take too much time to get here!!" Lisa said behind Jennie. Ha Na laughs and shakes her head.

"I know I take a long time! Don't judge..." Ha Na said to both of them. "Anyways we better get inside before we are late to class" Both Jennie and Lisa nodded their heads.

The three of them walked in the crowded hallways, Ha Na instantly knew that Taehyung and his group were responsible for this. Fangirls were screaming at them while Taehyung was with his girlfriend.

Ha Na rolls her eyes and looks away. "Why is having relationships allowed in this school..." she mumbled. "Did you say something Hanna?" Jennie asked and she shakes her head. "Nope, well I have chemistry for the first block so see you guys in lunch." Ha Na said and Jennie and Lisa went their separate ways.

Ha Na walks to her first class of the day and sits in her desk which is located by the windows with the view of the in front of the school. She sees Taehyung walk-in class and she remembers that they both have the same classes today.

Taehyung sits beside Ha Na and he smirks at her and she rolls her eyes. "What do you want Taehyung?" She asks "Hmm? who said I want something?" He said still with that pretty but annoying smirk on his face. "Your Smirk says it all, now spit it out"

Taehyung takes out his book and a pen then looks at Ha Na again. "Do my homework?" he said "WHAT?!" Ha Na yells and the whole class looks at her as if she's crazy. "I am NOT doing your homework besides its easy." she responded looking out the window.

"Aish your so mean with me" Taehyung pouts whuch makes Ha Na look at him, "OMG did the player Taehyung just pout?!" Ha Na said sarcastically then she smiles. "YAH! dont be like that, now please do my homewrork" He said with puppy eyes.

There wasn't a person who would say 'no' when he's doing that. "OMG fine give me your stupid homework, ill give it to you tomorrow now stop talking to me, your fangirls are giving me death glares." Ha Na said staring at the girls behind him.

The whole class starts talking until the teacher walks in and slams his big book on the table to grab the guy known as 'Suga' attention since he was sleeping. That evidently grabbed his attention. The teacher then started the class with a mini exam.

Lunch Time...

Ha Na was grabbing her food with Jennie and Lisa then they sat down in the middle table and started eating and chatting about girl stuff. "So Hanna how was chemistry class with Taehyung eehh" They both asked with a smirk planted on their face. "I already told you that nothing happened. Sure he is handsome and all but i wont ever like him"

They both gave Ha Na a 'Sure' look then the three of them started eating again adn talking until the bell for the last class rings. They got up and said by to each other before gong to their classes. Ha Na went to her last class which was 'Gifted Algebra'

After 3 Hours at Ha Na's house...

After school, she immediately went home and took a shower then puts on a black short dress with high back heels then she curls her hair. An hour passed and she hears her parents calling her from downstairs.

When Ha Na got downstairs she greets her mother and father. "So are you going to tell me why were are we going?" "Oh, sweetie that's a surprise." Her mother said excitedly. "Hmm, ok then" Ha Na responded. "Let's go, we are going to be late." Her father said.

20 minutes later at a restaurant.

The 3 of them arrived at a nice hotel. Ha Na follows her parents inside and into a private dining room area. There Ha Na saw a married couple. "I'm sorry we are late Mrs.Kim and Mr.Kim. Our daughter took longer than expected." "No don't worry about it we just got here too." Mr.Kim said.

"So where is your son?" Ha Na's mom asked. "He will be right back, he's just using the restroom. Ha Na sat down next to her parents leaving a chair empty next to her. "Oh there he is!" Mrs.Kim said smiling.

When Ha Na turned around her eyes widen as she meets Kim Taehyungs eyes as he sits down beside Ha Na. Both of Ha Na and Taehyungs parents started discussing something while Taehyung and Ha Na didn't say a word to each other. After a few minutes, both parents stop discussing some sort of topic and turn their heads around to Taehyung and Ha Na.

"We've been discussing a very important topic that involves you two..." Ha Na's father said then Taehyung's mother continues "We've decided that the best thing for both families is for you two to get married." Ha Na's eyes widen and she then yel, "WHAT?! I am very sorry but you cannot decide for both of us?" Ha Na said kind f surprised but somehow happy.

"I'm sorry Ha Na but it's been decided and Taehyng has already agreed to this." Mr. Kim says and Ha Na looks at Taehyung surprised. But Ha Na decided not to say anything else against this decision.

7 Week Later....

Ha Na has already married Kim Taehyng and no one in school knows except the Principle, teachers, Taehyungs group and of course Jennie and Lisa. Ha Na and Taehyung have been slowly developing feelings for each other since they have been living together for weeks now. They also finished High school and are on vacation now.

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