Mary the beautiful hero By: Middy

     Mary the beautiful hero
                 By: Middy #romance#bully#hero#love#rescue#sad#mean#nice stories

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Just your everyday hero, Mary.

Mary the beautiful hero By: Middy

School had just ended, I was on my way home when all of a sudden I heard Mark smith yell at me.

“Hey dweeb, where are YOU going?” Him and his companions were rushing towards me in a hurry.

I tried to escape, but they shoved me to the ground before I could make a run for it.

I curled up in a ball to defend myself as they attacked me. Mark’s torn up nike shoes were jabbing into my side over and over. I didn’t want to cry in front of them, but I could not hold back the tears.

They laughed at me, calling me a baby, and many other despicable names. I tried to crawl away, but I was scrawny, and they were ginormous compared to me.

One of Mark’s friends grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and spit right in my eyes. I couldn’t see, I stumbled to the ground, wiping my eyes, trying to gather myself.

I was starting to think I would never escape their abuse, until Mary, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life threw her metal water bottle at Mark Smith’s head.

“Get away from him!” She explained as she ran to my rescue. The bullies quickly fled the scene, avoiding any other interaction with her.

I thanked her as I rubbed the tears from my eyes. She helped me up and escorted me home. When we approached my doorstep, I hugged her. She looked at me in a confused, yet comforting way. I told her she was the most beautiful hero I had ever seen. She giggled and kissed my cheek.

Now, we walk home together ever day, and Mark and his friends don’t bother me anymore.

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