Rip Joseph 1996-2014
Rip Joseph 1996-2014 depressing stories

middleton784Community member
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Uh this is about a kid that hung himself, we were good friends and shit so uh yeah

Rip Joseph 1996-2014

At the young age of fourteen

the death of a friend is something unforeseen

Four years ago you ended your life at the end of a knot

To this day I wonder why you didn't just do it with a shot

Even now I have trouble fully comprehending it

How one could leave everyone as if they werent shit

Yet death creeps around every corner of my brain

Giving me unwanted thoughts that I have to fight to stay sane

So I guess some days it make sense

Because these thoughts can become so dense

They can begin to make your life twist and bend

Thus evidently leading to the end

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