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There was a cruel night, when I was returning home. My dark horse with a pale color in his forehead was scared by the elements of deadly night. Trees were

Crimson Fate

There was a cruel night, when I was returning home. My dark horse with a pale color in his forehead was scared by the elements of deadly night. Trees were

dancing in the sinister play of the cold wind, which was freezing the dead grass. Occasionally a sound burst as loud as a banshee making my bones shake at its

sounds.The moon was dancing with the speechless stars making its own ritual, her light was screaming in the dead of night, devouring every light. The strings of

shadows were touching my horse making him run in a true terror. Illusion of shadowy hands and silluetes were watching me, made by animated trees in the glowing

of the silver glow. Maybe my sins were following me through the shade of terror and darkness playing with my mind, dying slowly inside. hats why I must return to

my home. To redeem myself from the contamined world of civilization.

After all scenes of fear that my mind was working with, I saw the town surrounded in its specific style. Pumpkins impaled in irony grey fences were surrounding the

town. Their flaming breaths were sadly moving, flickering between their sharped withered fangs, like a laugh as like they knew what it is happening. Something

dangerous, unusual, that was still feeding the sadism necessary for their dying light. The open gate of valley awaits me. I pierced with fierce trough it and nobody

was outside.I decided to go in the center of village where is a well, to offer some water to my loyal animal..While I was taking water something grabbed my hand and

whispered with a shacked voice:" Go and look over the statue that doomed us with the beautiful of the another reality". I looked back but there was nothing more

than the howling of the wind and the ancient houses which hides the faces of one who were watching at the newcomers. The coals of skies were summoned by the

strength of air which fades the hoary moon. I mounted the horse and we swifted to my childhood house. I opened the wood door creaking its way to the wall.

Everything was the same from my mom's death but one difference, the joy of life was missing. The horse was waiting outside while I got out a picture with my mom

holding a black tulip while the storm was raging. My tears were timing with the raging storm. Suddenly the electric power went down. The lightning revealed a

black silluete standing right in front of me. I stood up while the wood was scraping, preparing myself for the swalling darkness. I lighted up a candle and my fear

was filled with joy, my grandma Meza. Bolstered by the wall she gasped:"Samy, my dear would you be kind to bring me a tulip from the forest, for your mother's

grave?".I shooked my had,huged her and gave her an umbrella to go home. The sun made his entrance tossing his scared lights above. His light woke me up. In a

hurry to my horse I a grabbed my jacket and a banana, but my horse dissapeared. A blue dark material was left in his place. Overwhelmed by sorrow I went to the

forest. I was astonished by the fact that still no one was out.I was afraid for myself to not get killed in the journey for the tulip by the wild animals. Once I entered

the forest I saw something dashing. I followed the sounds of broken banches. Concentrated to follow the sounds I got in a strange place: trees with crimson leaves

and a circle of white tulips. In the middle of circle was a dark tulip, which got my attention. I got through the white circle and I picked up the black tulip and I was

shocked. Blood was flowing from its stern. At once I felt hundreds of tortured and sad ghosts were staring. I looked around me and the place was changed. Chills

were created by the cold wind and the mists that appeared out of nowhere creating a white sight of view. I heard voices in my year whispering:"mortem" and

"electi". I looked down to my hands full of blood and a pool of crimson leaves were dragged to my feets by the descent of tulip.I felt a presence and I looked forward.

I saw an angel. His dark robe was masked by the ghostly mist, a dark ancient tissue with weird details from another world was hiding his face. Essence was moving

slowly from its back taking the shape of bones like wings. Scythes with flaming blue runes were hanging from his sleeves by way of chains that were taking shapes

and colors from nothing.

It took me one blink to find myself back on my decrepit bed with tulip in hand. Dizzied by the terrifying dream I walked slowly to the door followed by the sound of

the creaky wood. Once I opened the door the town was swallowed by the fog.I started running through the fog to the graveyard. The shadowy crows were watching

with demonic eyes. The moon was smiling above judging every movement that was taking place in her silver lights. I entered the cemetery and I saw the colossal

angelic statue holding in his hands a big torch made of stone. Pumpkin faces were flickering in the deep of the mist. Their flames were acting on the path and my

shadow was covering their searing breath while I moved. Suddenly I remembered about the strange voice so I went to check the statue seeing something wrote

on:"The words of the stars in the shines of cruor moon fades in the mist of the death, which is breath by the demonic plant, singing the reborn of the old gods". A

freezing breeze settled around me.Right away the large torch was set on a blue fire, After that I walked slowly back and every pumpkin on the path started to burn

with a blue fierce fire.Then,I heard chains moving behind me.I looked at my shadow. Skeletal wings rising from it.Before trying to make any escape I felt a paralyzing

pain in my back falling down. The silver blood was covering the tulip while the moon was wearing the crimson coat of night enjoying the show in the freezed

voice:"Death... it's the prize...for the body...",before closing my eyes I saw Meza taking the tulip from my hand giving it to the angel...

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