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Night time is the write time

Night Words

More words have been spilled

Over staying up too late

Than any other damn subject

That ever comes to this tired mind

When the nights drag on to mornings

And I wonder why the hell I'm still awake

There's nothing left to do

But turn that angst into words

And slap them down on a page

And pray that at my age

This lyrical Ambien

Knocks me right out

I've written more poems and dissertations about my bedtime

Than minutes I sleep each night

Than pillows and sheets I've owned in my life

Than times I've ever made the bed

Than bedside books I've ever read

Than midnight snacks I've tried to sneak

Than my family's cumulative REM cycles per week

Than my lifetime running count of sheep

Than strategies I've tried to go to sleep

But when the clock strikes oh-my-god-is-that-the-actual-time

Before I lay down my head

In the end

I won't go to bed

I'll give in again

And let the words flow

Cause staying up late

Is all that I know

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