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Trapped in a mind of thoughts Memories here, memories forgotten.


Trapped in a mind of thoughts

Memories here, memories forgotten.

A presence so close you can almost touch it,

Sucking you in word by word, thought by thought,

Memories here, memories forgotten.

Two lonely faces can be turned to one,

Especially with the right ingredients like marijuana and rum,

But don’t let him in, don’t let him see it.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

You’d think a pretty face would bring someone joy,

But if you’re not pretty on the inside, then you’re no more than a toy,

And we all know that little boys love their toys so

Memories here, memories forgotten.

A cut, a draw of rich, dark blood,

Is something that can’t be thrown around lightly in the mud.

It’s something that will eat up all your thoughts inside,

Give you time to heal your desires and let your insecurities hide.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

The monsters don’t just live under her bed now,

They crowd classrooms, office spaces and public places.

They come in forms of both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

These monsters know her well,

Her happiness is something they simply can’t allow.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

A father is supposed to protect their young,

Cherish, love and care for them like no boy could.

So how come I find myself looking for these things in other people?

Looking for love, but in broken people.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

I never really liked to drink.

Maybe it’s because it really makes you think,

Or maybe it’s because I remember the nights

When all of us were scared when you got drunk and started fights.

Either way alcohol is the devil and he always bites.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

I took a cup from an Egyptian princess once.

It wasn’t more than a few shots and maybe something a little fun.

The poison she gave me that night let out a monster inside.

Simply exposed a deep cut I spent years trying to hide.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

A kiss is something magical and filled with delight,

But is a kiss really a kiss in the action of fight or flight?

Your family, blood, relation to the flesh.

So why were your lips so close to mine?

That is a question I still have the answer to find.

Maybe it was the old age, maybe it was the booze,

Maybe it was the little devil hidden under your shoes.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

A bed is a place I go to seek comfort in the night.

It’s a truly magical place and a wonderful sight.

It’s one of my favourite places, or at least it was.

You robbed me of it and you know what that does.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

Creamy milk was never my favourite,

But mixed with rum I was down for the taste test.

That glass really did me one for the night.

You wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you right?

Well that glass was given by the devil himself dressed in black.

That sweet dream potion really got the best of me.

Had me gasping for air and regretting my sexuality.

Memories here memories forgotten.

Locked doors.

Groping hands.

It’s something that a body of mine knows too well,

Because the word no doesn’t ease the soul and you know that.

Memories here memories forgotten.

They’re always two sides of the story,

And sometimes both sides are ugly.

For our sake I put the stories in a box,

Locking them away and forgetting them like old socks.

Don’t worry your safe now, won’t catch a charge

I’m 18 now, and plus I wouldn’t want you leaving your kids in a barge.

Memories here, memories forgotten.

I wasn’t always this way,

Flaunting my body like priced diamonds,

Allowing men to touch at the price of nothing.

But you made me this way, you made me think it was normal,

Were just friends, this is what friends do.

Well your gone now

My demons are at rest

Memories here, memories forgotten.

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