Sinful Gin
Sinful Gin stories

michtobi0 A broken guy trying to find an outlet
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The darker side of not moving on

Sinful Gin

I taste the sins in my cheap bottom shelf gin

As I sit sulking sipping bitter sweet posion

Waiting wishing for him to come knocking

Missing his nagging and gnawing caring character

Always carefully and sometimes carelessly coercing me to put the bottle back down

He saw I was about to drown in my sorrow and gave me his heart either to keep or borrow

But I took his heart and tore it apart and wonder why he left

To everyone but me its so painfully obvious

But to everyone but me its not so obviously painful

To know ill never hear his knock again

Never see his eyes again

Never feel his breath again

Never have his love again

So Ill have to just remember him in the taste of this sinful gin

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