Crimson Pain
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michtobi0 A broken guy trying to find an outlet
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A poem I wrote while in a psychiatric hospital

Crimson Pain

I want to say i can walk alone

Through shallow solom shadows

I pretend as though my soul is in controll

of thoughts so cursed and laced with lies

So deep it custs the skin and lays beneath the veins

And spouts crimson pain so bright it blinds once understanding eyes

Now those hollow sockets only give way to sorrow and discomfort and rage

Rage so red it rebles that of the crimson pain

Once only rebled by the thought of feeling nothing

But oh how wrong was I to think something could never hurt worse than nothing

I long for sweet nothing

To forget the ache that sits in my chest

just behind my heart and below my breath

And just about this time I see my soul at my feet

But this time lower than the shallow shadows

burried in burned blacktop streets

So low I cant even recognise it as my own

As though my soul is now a memory of what I might have been in a dream once

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