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michmartin Community member
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Someday l'll tell the moon about you,

Of how I may have forgotten it only because of how much you remind me of it.

My previous irreplaceable solace of gazing at it and feeling magical has gradually been replaced by you.

You make me feel like I can gaze at you forever,

Only a glance of you is enough to make me light up with happiness,

Just as when the moon lit up my life each night- it reminded me of how theres so much more to this life.

Of how its so important for me to stay in touch with my true inner self.

Of how I need to follow my heart in all ways

Of how I always have to gather myself up and come back stronger.

Now, It's you, who does this to me

It's you, who makes me feel perfectly real and radiant.

It's you who gives me a spine to get back up when life seems to be bent.

It's you who lights up my life eac day, just like the moon lit up the sky each night and brought an enduring smile and calmness to my life.

I think I was too much in love with the moon and he couldnt handle it.

I feel like love has finally won,

My moon has come to me.

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