The Jacobsons
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Free verse poem on childhood and family trauma

The Jacobsons

The Jacobsons

My brother or my mother's son

I never really mind

We live beneath the birch trees

Beyond the knotty pine

I'll meet you outside your house

On this old bike of mine

We'll ride around the village

And avoid the house on Vine.

And when the day turns dusty

The sun will start to fade

I'll take you back to your house, though

You always look afraid

Of the figure in the window

With his face engulfed in shade

I'll say, "I should be going now,"

My welcome overstayed.

When my mother's voice is calling

I'll say it's time to go

But as I pull away, you say,

"Don't leave me here alone."

I'll take you back to my house

We'll come in from the snow

But as my mother greets you,

The lake will overflow.

So as you're crying softly

Beneath the morning sun

We'll know that what will happen next

Can never be undone.

The tapes behind the toy-box

Never meant too much to me

Those high school kids from outer space

Just liked Run DMC

But when I learned our childhood

Was stained with murky black

Those tapes behind the toy-box

They all came racing back

The treehouse in our grandma's yard

Is rotten to its core

There's blood and gall and absinthe

On my mother's kitchen floor

She won't speak to her sister

I won't look at your dad

He sits atop a chestnut hill

His lips are ironclad

His mum cries in the courtroom

Her cheeks are burning pink

Remember that she never cried

Beside the kitchen sink.

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