Don't Wish To Lose This Boiled Sweet.
Don't Wish To Lose This Boiled Sweet. candy stories

micheroo She writes, for she is crestfallen.
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A love story about two boiled sweets.

Don't Wish To Lose This Boiled Sweet.

She spots all kinds of sweet, in all kinds of places. From time to time, they come in curious wrappers— some can be very difficult to remove, and yet,

she aids in doffing them, but to no avail.

Day after day, she had the same kinds of sweet. And in the midst of evenfall, she chanced upon an odd one— its wrapper was akin to a generic few, and yet,

she aided in doffing it, unveiling an unsightly boiled sweet beneath it.

She found that it was not one of the same kinds of sweet she had. It reminded her of a lunette, despite its unpleasant demeanour— she opted to taste it, then complained of its bittersweet flavour,

and yet she keeps the sweet, despite all of its flaws.

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