Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer by Denise Chambers
Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer by Denise Chambers typing right stories

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Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer by Denise Chambers

Source: Denise Rolanda Chambers

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer by Denise Chambers

by Denise Rolanda Chambers

Typing and developing keyboarding skills have a common goal from the typewriter to the computer the paper is formatted on 8-1/2" (across) by 11" (down) paper called the portrait position.

Page 3 reviews common basics in measurement of how characters are perceived via the fonts on paper.

Page 4 and page11 depicts the descriptive process of left and right margins from the typewriter to the computer. Centering text and top and bottom margins contiunues on pages 4, 5, and 6.

Descriptive accounts of the most commonly used microsoft word keys are illustrated and detailed on pages 7, 8, and 9.

Benefits of having Keyboarding skills

Computers are an ubiquitous machine. Their functions exist everywhere.

Today, almost everything is practically done with the use of computers - communicating, designing, problem-solution, researching, writing, and more.

Particularly, the inception of computers has made it easier to process and store information.

Through keyboarding, people can now easily input information for processing and storage on a computer device.

By definition, keyboarding is the process of putting information into various kinds of equipment or device through the use of a typewriter-like keyboard.

In other words, it is the activity of typing information into a computer or word processor. In a more specific sense, however, keyboarding is different from mere typing.

Typing is just the act of writing individual characters to create text through a device.

On the other hand, keyboarding involves not just typing with keys, but also other operations that use a keyboard.

Although keyboarding sounds easy, it can actually be confusing and time-consuming for others, especially for non-techy people.

For this reason, many people take the time to practice, learn, and develop some keyboarding skills. Having keyboarding skills is not just all about typing right.

There are plenty of benefits that people can get from mastering the keyboard. This article is especially dedicated to listing down the important benefits of having keyboarding skills.

Education Benefits

High school and college students do most of their work on computers nowadays.

Commonly, they do internet research, essays and papers, excel reports, and group presentations through a computer device. All these things involve the use of a keyboard.

For this reason, it is important for students to master keyboarding.

Being an expert at keyboard keys and operations will practically make it easier for students to finish their tasks, especially at times when they are struggling to meet deadlines.

More so, having keyboarding skills will allow them to focus fully on the tasks at hand.

They will have more time to spend thinking about ideas and organizing their thoughts instead of wasting a few precious seconds on hunting and pecking.

This, then, will largely improve the quality of the students' output.

Career Benefits

Much like at school, keyboarding is also an essential skill at work.

Regardless of whether one works an administrative or managerial job, he or she is most likely to do data entry, type up emails, write reports, work on electronic documents,

and do pretty much everything that involves the use of a computer. Because of this, having keyboarding skills is a great head start for people who want to make it big in the corporate world.

Generally, employers look for people who can do the job fast and easily because time is money and speed always counts.

People who can type fast and finish their tasks in no time have better chances of getting hired compared to those who still have to hunt and peck.

Moreover, workers with great keyboarding skills are most likely to get rewarded with more work or better-paying positions.

Social Functions

With the advancement of technology, communication has become more and more computerized. Today, people are already largely communicating via text message or the internet.

They no longer need to write their letters on a piece of paper and travel to the post office.

They can just simply type their message into a computer device and send it via the internet for the receiving party to get it in an instant.

Indeed, mobile phones and the internet have undoubtedly taken over the communication process on a large scale.

For this reason, people who are slow to adopt to these forms of communication may miss out on a lot of opportunities to communicate not just with their friends and families,

but also with other people from many parts of the world.

In order to take full advantage of these faster forms of communication, people should develop keyboarding skills that can match that of the rest.

In the digital age, having great keyboarding skills is an important component of social development, especially for the young generations.

Learning Assistance

Aside from students and workers, keyboarding is especially important and helpful for people with physical impairments and learning difficulties.

For example, for the blind and visually impaired, developing keyboarding skills is necessary because this allows them to navigate a keyboard without using their eyes.

By doing so, they can also write quickly and accurately without the need to form letters by hand, whatsoever.

For children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), on the other hand, keyboarding helps in breaking down tasks into manageable steps.

Because keyboarding facilitates muscle memory, children with ADHD will be able to focus on the main task required of them without feeling overwhelmed by the tangential tasks.

Overall, having some keyboarding skills is important for various reasons: they help people finish their daunting tasks in no time,

without breaking much sweat; they allow people to communicate faster; and they make learning more accessible to the less privileged.

Indeed, having keyboarding skills is more than just typing right. It also makes people type freely, readily, and cheerfully.

As computers and keyboards increasingly establish their significance, it is important that people acquire the skills necessary to master them.

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